Why Marble is not so Marvellous!

Have you heard that using marble in our homes is not such an earth-friendly natural material to use.

Do you want to find out more and be shown beautiful alternatives to using natural marble and stone countertops and floors, that are kinder to our planet and homes?

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    Susan Van Meter

    Interior Designer, B.A Hons, SBID

    Who am I?

    I help busy people who have famalies or a business to run - sometimes both - to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable homes, that safeguard their most precious people and our planet.

    What you will learn?

    This concise guide introduces you to exciting, beautiful and the best available alternative materials to use instead of marble in your home. With global mounting pressure to stop using the earths natural resources, the materials and manufacturing processes we show you to create these fabulous materials are ethical, sustainable and kind to the planet, us and our homes.