stylish and sustainable interiors

10 Most Common Mistakes to avoid!

Have you ever asked yourself, "what are the benefits of adopting sustainable products, design principles, and building processes for my home?"

This guide outlines the pitfalls to avoid so you can limit stress, not waste money and create that beautiful, healthy, and sustainable bathroom of your dreams!

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    "Like a sixth sense! Straightforward, honest communications should be standard in this industry but, sadly, aren't always. I found Susan to uphold very high standards in this regard though - prompt, straightforward approach. I recommend without hesitation."

    Norman T.

    London UK

    What you get:

    A concise guide that clearly outlines the mistakes to avoid in planning and creating the bathroom of your dreams.

    We tell you what you need to consider to prepare yourself in ten easy steps to make your bathroom energy efficient, saving you time and money - what more can you ask for?

    Not only are green homes aesthetically beautiful, but they offer far-reaching social, economic, environmental, and health advantages.

    who is this guide for?

    Homeowners that don't have the time to research the essential information they need to help them create their perfect energy-saving and cost-effective bathroom.

    "I help time precious, quality-driven people create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable homes, that are kind to their most precious people and planet"

    Susan Van Meter, B.A Hons, SBID.